10th Street Median Why All the Controversy

    If you drive down 10th street northbound you’ve probably seen all the signs against the 10th street median. The question is what is all the controversy about and how does it really affect the surrounding area? Back in June the McAllen City Commission approved without any sort of disclosure to the public that a median down 10th street will be built from Trenton all the way down to Highway 107. This comes with a spending of $500,000 in taxpayer dollars for something that seems completely useless. TxDOT will contribute $1.2 million dollars for this project and justify the building of the median with a decrease in accidents. Who does the median really hurt? The general public. The median will cause difficulty when trying to access stores and restruants down 10th street such as Best Buy, Bank of America, Which Wich, etc. The median will cause people to make U-turns further away from their desntintation to either enter it or leave it. This is only hindering the consumers right to access whatever establishment they choose. Also in some studies store owners that have expreinced traffic being ¬†diverted from their establishment have claimed to have a drop of 50% in revenue causing a massive decrease in McAllen’s sales tax. The median has created such a buzz pentions and numerous letters have been sent out to get it’s construction revoked. The median seems to only displease the general public and may possibly hurt the overal economy of McAllen.

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