Texas Metropolitan Areas Top Overvalued Markets

    An article published by Forbes lists the Top 5 overvalued and undervalued real estate markets throughout the United States. Topping off the list are two major Texas cities, Austin and the Sugarland Houston area. Major Economic boom has hit the state of Texas ever since it’s oil boom in 2014. This has lead the housing market to play second fiddle to the ever growing economy. Major points listed in the article are that Austin house prices are overvalued at 19% and Sugarland comes in second at 18%. To read the full article click here. So what does this mean for the Valley? What does it matter what happens in Austin and Houston? The truth of the matter is that Texas has a way of following trends. Whatever happens in major areas sooner or later begins to trickle down. Right now the Valley is poised to make it’s own economic boom and put itself in a bubble much like Austin or Houston Areas. The formation of a new university the making of the only medical school south of San Antonio, the deal signing to bring another higher education institution to the valley. The growth of event attraction whether at the Island, Pharr, Hidalgo, or McAllen. The Valley is at a tipping point to claim it’s own stake! This could lead to the  valley itself becoming an overvalued market one day and taking the helm as a mecca for economic growth!

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