“Buyer’s Representation” – What this means for Home Buyers!

    The home buying process may be a scary thing, REALTORS® calling you left and right asking to show you homes, lenders wanting tax returns, numerous amounts of paperwork signing. All these go into the home buying process and may be a little frightening. To clear through all that fear one piece of paperwork you should get signed is a Buyer’s Representation Agreement. This paperwork should be one of the first steps you and your REALTOR® take in starting the home buying process. A Buyer’s Representation is an outline of your REALTOR®-Client relationship and provides protection for both of you. Also it not only goes over how your REALTOR® will be compensated, but your exclusive agreement to work with them, and their agreement to help you find a property and negotiate the contract. All REALTORS® are also part of the NAR or National Association of REALTORS® , which obligates them to follow a Code of Ethics that dictates how a REALTOR® should interact with clients, the public and other REALTORS®. Overall while the home buying process may seem a little scary make sure to have protection for yourself and your REALTOR®.

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