Colonia Residents Fight for the Right to Light

    Hidalgo County is home to those of all walks of life. One the major residential areas in the county are the Colonias that can be found all along the northern part of the Mexican-American border. These are homes to sometimes undocumented  immigrants who fall into a low-income bracket but need a place to live and raise a family. Colonia residents now are fighting for the right to have streets placed in their neighborhoods to not only promote a safer environment but also a statement to the local government to intergrate this area of the county. Hidalgo county as been in this situation before. Back in 2012 they used a federal grant to provide solar-powered street lamps to colonias. This planned backfires as the lights were too expensive to maintain and eventually were done away with.  Yesterday Hidalgo County Commissioners approved a pilot to bring street lights to colonia areas by January 2016 10 colonia areas will be set up with streetlights making an impact for all colonia communities in the RGV.

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