Election Day is Here and This is Where to Vote!

    With early voting ending last Friday, today marks the infamous first Tuesday of November that calls us to do our civic duty of casting our vote. Constitutional amendments, civil rights for major metropolitans areas, today is a big decision maker for Texans across the state. For homeowners and future homeowners realtors across the state are urging for Proposition 1, not to be confused with Houston’s City ordinance Prop 1 or H.E.RO. Proposition 1 will ¬†increase the homestead tax exemption, and will be the first exemption since 1997. Most eligible homeowners should see an increase of about $10,000 in their homestead. On top of this, Prop 1 also will prohibit a real estate transfer tax something that once removed in other states saw a great increase in homeownership. The question is where to vote? Click here to view voting locations in Hidalgo County. Click here to view voting locations in Cameron County. Where ever you are located in the valley make sure to go voice your vote for Prop 1 to not only ensure your relief in homeownership but the future homeowners as well.

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