Spooky Findings On Property Lead to Trending Status!

    The term “Elm Street” has been synonymous with Halloween ever since Wes Craven’s “Nightmare” was released upon the world. Now so close to Halloween an eerie discovery has hit home in Mission Texas. Deedee Oliveira, a new homeowner, found a spooky object in her backyard while starting a new construction project. A coffin was discovered in her backyard. This would cause quite the scare for any homeowner regardless of the context’s of the coffin. Upon review, it was found that the coffin contained remains of the previous owner’s deceased pets. This was a relief to Deedee to find that coffin was filled with cat and corgi remains rather human. After this shocking discovery, the internet responded as such with making this story trending on Facebook! Currently “A Nightmare¬†on Elm Street” is the number 1 trending topic on Facebook, and receiving coverage all the way from the New York Daily News. This spooky discovery has caused quite a frenzy all over the internet and with Halloween around the corner leaves quite a frightening feeling all over!

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