You May Be Getting Your Next Home Loan from Google?

    The tech mega-giant Google or (GOOG) if you play the stock market is adding a new feature to it’s already empire of technology sitting on top of Silicon Valley’s throne. Google Compare is a new feature that will allow consumers the opportunity to compare rates on such items such as home and auto insurance, credit cards and even mortgages. The new addition allows users shopping for a home loan to enter personal information, property value, down payment size and approximate credit score. This allows Google to tailor results for it’s users down to the tee even when searching for a refinance. Google is a registered mortgage broker but won’t be financing any loans using it’s $364.99 billion dollar net worth. Instead it will aggregate rate quotes from local and national lenders it has partnered with Zillow, and Lending Tree as main stables for mortgage quotes. This comes as a lead generation opportunity for lenders across the nation as the tech-guru will charge a cost-per-lead model with the lenders themselves paying for the service. Google Compare Mortgages is only available in California right now but plans to be offered across the nation. Google will now be able to practically sale credit cards, mortgage loans, home and auto insurance, on top of already selling phones, tablets, Android OS and laptops. Let us know what you think the comment section.

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