How The Valley Kicks Off the Holiday Season

    The Valley is home to many of traditions spanning culturally decades to even centuries! With the heavy Hispanic Culture in there are some traditions will always be around, Tamales, Ban Dulce, Posadas and probably a couple of “It’s too cold to leave the house!” type days. Our current Yule-Time is now home to  unique and different activities for families to make traditions. Kicking off the Holiday Festivities is the McAllen Light Up the Holidays with the 2nd annual lighting of a massive Christmas Tree located at the McAllen Convention Center. Hidalgo is also doing some Holiday Cheer Hosting, tonight as well Hidalgo will host the Hidalgo Christmas Parade. On Friday Edinburg is Hosting the Night of Lights festival and Parade. The parade will go down 107 and Sugar with food being served on the lawn of City of Hall. On Saturday McAllen is having the McAllen Christmas Parade featuring Enrique Igelsias which you can get tickets to see Enrique Perform Live by buying certain products at local HEBs, buying tickets, or if you’re lucky winning them! The parade will take place on Saturday starting at 6 pm and will include the Tamale Fest as well. In Hidalgo the festival of Lights will be running from the 1st of December to the 31st with the theme of “Intergalatic Christmas”. This also includes HEB Snow Day at the Festival of Lights in Hidalgo where Childern will be able to exprience of playing in the snow! All these great events are happening throughout the Christmas Season and more are to come for sure. You can look up these events by going to Facebook and searching it up!

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