Smoking to Be Ban by HUD

    Smoking in American culture has had it’s ups and downs. From a time that everyone from pregnant women to a typical work meeting was filled with high-end businessmen smoking. As time has passed it has revealed to us that smoking is determinative to our health and it has made it’s slow disapperance from all aspects of society. No longer are smoking sections in restaurants being offered, smoking banned from the workplace, the option to have a smoking or non-smoking room when vacationing. Numerous movements and non-profit organizations to promote non-smoking habits for the youth, and countless products to break the addiction. Now the “war” on smoking has hit home literally. On Thursday this week The Department of Housing and Urban Development moved closer to a “… a smoke-free policy for all public housing indoor areas.” This smoking ban would apply to all cigarettes, pipes, and cigars within indoor areas. No mention of hookahs or e-cigs in the proposed policy. A common absence, as most of legislature against smoking, does not have anything to combat the growing industry that is e-cig and vaping. The proposed ruling mandates that this smoke-free environment “…must [be] extend[ed] to all outdoor area[s] up to 25 feet from housing and administrative office buildings.” Some of the negative effects that this $200 million dollar proposal can create is the eviction of property for poor, disabled smokers. Overall this policy, in it’s infancy stage, has no final statement given in regards to e-cigs and vaping, leaving US homeowners waiting to see what Department Head Julian Castro decides next.

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