The Growing Attraction to The Valley

    Over the years has been one of the fastest areas in the state of Texas and even the Nation. The growth and development that has taken the 956 has been to an overwhelming degree and seems to be only going in one direction and that’s up, up, up! With all this growth, this has lead to the attraction of National and State organizations to bring their events to the valley area. Bands of America this year was hosted at the McAllen Memorial Stadium where bands from all the state as far as San Antonio came to compete. Now there is the South Texas Ballon Festival something that was only available to the upper parts of the state is now being brought to the RGV Livestock Showgrounds. Wth all these events being brought the valley and new development on it’s way, the desire to bring Big events to the valley will only grow! What this means for the Valley Market as a whole is an influx of people with different all looking for what the valley has to offer. All major metropolitan started off small, time will only tell if the Valley will reach the “Big Time”!

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