The McAllen Holiday Parade and What it means to the Valley!

    This past Saturday was the definitive start to the Holiday Season in the Valley with the McAllen Holiday parade and concert by Latin Pop-Star Enrique Iglesias. While many were impressed with the organization of the parade as compared to last year I.E. the handing out of trash bags to the public for clean up, how traffic was handled and the fleet of buses, and trolleys used to transport people from STC to the Parade. The star studded cast featured everyone from TV celebrities to Spanish-Novela Stars and classic icons in the Latino community. Overall with the great turn out the event had what does it actually mean for the City of McAllen and the Valley as a whole? The parade created in the likeness of the Macy’s Holiday Parade was televised across the Valley via local cable channels allowing for a bigger audience to view the parade whether at the parade or from the comfort of their home. The concert itself housed a total of 15,000 according to ticket sells for the Latin-Star to entertain for an hour. The concert held at Veterans Memorial Stadium was set to be the first to many people’s memory was said to be a “guinea-pig” for more concerts to be brought down to the valley. When that is set to happen no one knows but with a turn out of 15,000 people and inclusion of promotional items it almost seems ideal to have more events at the McAllen Stadium. Time will tell whether McAllen made an return on their investment for the musician and it will certainly look for ways to improve the quality and overall of experience of the parade looking for more regional status.

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